New & Used Yamaha Motorbikes & Motorcycles for Sale $12,990

Used 2016 Yamaha WOLVERINE R-SPEC EPS in Bellevue, NE, It sells for $12,990


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2016 New & Used Yamaha Motorbikes & Motorcycles for sale, New & Used Motorcycle sales market WOLVERINE R-SPEC EPS, Motorcycle Gear, Parts and Accessories
  • Yamaha Year: 2016
  • Yamaha Make:Yamaha
  • Yamaha Type:Recreation / Sport
  • Yamaha Class:Side by Side
  • Yamaha Location: Bellevue, NE
  • Yamaha Mileage:
  • Yamaha inventory:
  • Yamaha Color:BLUE

2016 Yamaha WOLVERINE R-SPEC EPS Motorcycle Traded Price $12,990 , The all-new Wolverine R-Spec EPS features an aggressive, compact look and is designed to be the most capable off-road recreation side-by-side. The Wolverine R-Spec EPS offers the perfect blend of suspension, handling, drivetrain and chassis working together to give you the ability to traverse rough terrain with confidence and best-in-class comfort.Wolverine R-Spec EPS features a class-leading 4-wheel independent suspension with KYB ultra-long-stroke nitrogen gas charged piggyback shocks that provide a very high quality damping feel, excellent bottoming resistance, and best-in-class adjustments to fit a wide range of riding styles, loads, and terrain.Comfort is maximized for both the driver and passenger with an automotive-style cab and driving position featuring all-new soft, supportive and secure high-back bucket seats, 3-point seat belts, an adjustable passenger handhold and dedicated floorboards that provide a comfortable and secure driving experience.The Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS is powered by Yamaha's newest and most advanced 700-class engine ever with dual overhead cams and fuel injection. The 708cc engine's power character is optimized for smooth, linear, power delivery on the roughest, most technical terrain and open trails.Wolverine R-Spec EPS features On-Command, the industry's most capable four wheel drive system. With a simple twist of the dial riders choose 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel limited slip, or 4-wheel full differential lock, enabling the Wolverine R-Spec to claw its way through just about anything.When the trail gets technical, speed-sensitive electric power steering increases comfort, especially at low speeds and in 4-wheel diff-lock., Replace April/21/2021 Page 307465 , Used 2016 Yamaha WOLVERINE R-SPEC EPS Motorcycle Trader , Yamaha Motorcycles Transaction Price $12,990 .

  • New & Used Yamaha WOLVERINE R-SPEC EPS, 2016 Motorbikes & Motorcycles for sale
  • New & Used Yamaha WOLVERINE R-SPEC EPS, 2016 Motorbikes & Motorcycles for sale

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