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Members of the global motorcycle network members or their associated products (including but not limited to company name, contact and contact information, product description and description, pictures, etc.) are provided by the members themselves, members should be provided Of any information to take full responsibility. Global Motorcycle Net does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, legality or authenticity of such information. In addition, GlobeNet does not assume any responsibility for any commercial activities or risks associated with the use or provision of information on this site.

You should be at your own risk to the results of the services provided by the Global Motorcycle Network. Global motorcycle network does not make any kind of guarantee: does not guarantee that the service will meet your requirements, does not guarantee uninterrupted service, does not guarantee the security of the transaction results, correctness, timeliness, legitimacy (but the above situation through the global motorcycle Car network-related rules for the corresponding treatment). Due to network conditions, communication lines, third-party sites and other causes you can not use the global motorcycle network services, the global motorcycle network does not assume any legal responsibility.

Global Motorcycle Network respect and protect all users of the global network of motorcycle users personal privacy, your registered user name, e-mail address and other personal information, without your personal permission or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the global motorcycle Car network will not take the initiative to disclose to a third party (due to government law enforcement agencies, national judicial departments except request). Global Motorcycle Network to remind you: You use the global motorcycle network search services provided by the input keyword will not be considered your personal data.

Any unit or individual that the contents of the global motorcycle network pages (including but not limited to members of the global motorcycle network members of the release of goods information) may be suspected of infringing its right to information network communication, should promptly submit a written notice to the global motorcycle network and provide identity Proof of ownership, specific link (URL) and detailed proof of infringement. Global motorcycle network in receipt of the legal documents, will be removed as soon as possible according to the relevant content of the alleged infringement. In this case, the global motorcycle network in accordance with the law does not assume any responsibility.

For the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean that the global motorcycle network agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of its contents.

Statement of Intellectual Property Rights

Global Motorcycle Net owns the copyright of all the information on this website (except text information, pictures, software, audio and video) except for the products information published by members of Global Motorcycle Net.

Any content that is authorized to be viewed, copied, printed, and disseminated is not intended for commercial purposes and must be included in the use of any Content and any part thereof;

Global motorcycle network ( all products, technologies and all procedures are part of the global motorcycle network intellectual property rights. "Kongfz", "Global Motorcycle Network", other product and service names and related graphics, logos and other trademarks for the global motorcycle network. No part of this website may be reproduced, transmitted, displayed, mirrored, uploaded, or downloaded in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of GlobeNet. Otherwise, the global motorcycle network will be held legally liable.

Privacy Statement

Global Motorcycle Network attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy, you use the global motorcycle network services provided, please read the following statement. In order to provide you with more accurate, more personalized service, Global Motorcycle Network may be in the following manner, the use of your personal information submitted. However, the Global Motorcycle Network will be a high degree of diligence, prudent obligation to treat this information, without your permission, will not disclose such information or to a third party.

Keep the information you provide

GlobeNet collects your personal information when you voluntarily choose to serve or provide information and integrate it to provide you with better customer service. Please provide your personal details in a timely, accurate and accurate manner at the time of registration and update your registration information in a timely, accurate and accurate manner. If the information is not true due to registration problems caused by your own bear the corresponding consequences. Please do not your account, password transfer or loan to others to use. If you find that your account has been illegally used by others, should immediately notify the global motorcycle network. Due to hacking or the user's custodial negligence led to account number, password illegal use by others, the global motorcycle network is not responsible.

Cookies and other technologies

The Global Motorcycle Network uses cookies so that you can log in to our services and allow you to set specific service options. The use of cookies, the global motorcycle network can provide you with more thoughtful personalized service. You have the option to accept or reject cookies. You may refuse cookies by modifying your browser settings. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to log in or use cookies or the global motorcycle network services or features that depend on cookies.

Keep your records

When you use the services provided by the global motorcycle network, the server will automatically record some information, including URL, IP address, browser type and language used, and access date and time.

In the following circumstances, the Global Motorcycle Network will be based on your wishes or the law required disclosure of your personal information, the resulting problems will be your personal commitment:

(1) obtain your authorization in advance

(2) only to disclose your personal information in order to provide you with the required products and services;

(3) according to the relevant laws and regulations;

(4) in accordance with the relevant government departments in charge of the request;

(5) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the global motorcycle network.

(6) You agree to allow third parties to share information.

(7) We find that you have violated the Global Motorcycle Net Service Agreement or the relevant rules and should disclose your personal information according to the agreement or relevant rules.

(8) We need to provide information to companies that provide products or services on our behalf (we do not have the right to use your identifying information unless we notify you otherwise).

Global Motorcycle Network will always be committed to the full protection of your privacy, under the premise of providing you with a better experience and services. We reserve the right to change our site and the above disclaimer and terms at any time.

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